the Windig Collection

Timeview is an independent photography company, based in the Netherlands. The company represents the 'Windig Collection', one of the largest collections of found and vernacular amateur photography. The collection consists mainly of negatives and includes photography from all over the world, covering the pre-digital era from 1870 up to the 1980’s.


Timeview creates and provides art- and advisory services for retail companies, interior designers, architects and project developers of hospitality, health care and corporate spaces.

Found & Vernacular Photography

Vernacular photographs are photographs of daily life and common things that are unintentionally artistic. Found photography refers to the recovery of lost, unclaimed, or discarded vernacular photographs or snapshots. The archive of Vivian Maier, discovered in 2009, is the best known example. The Timeview Collection could be compared to this, but is more versatile because of the unlimited number of photographers.

Aad Windig

The search, the find, the story it's all part of my passion for photos. The infinity of the medium is fascinating. I have seen countless pictures but I can still be surprised by a new found photo. Created from light and time, a moment immortalized on a glass slide, a small journey through time. For me an unprecedented fascinating and inspiring fact.