Cocktails Lounge 1970

€ 450,00

Cocktails Lounge 1970

Hey there ladies, want a Cocktail?
Let me make one for you each!
Bloody Mary, Cuba libre
or do you like a Sex on the Beach?
Lovely ladies let us drink,
Tequila Sunrise, fresh Caipirinha or a nice Woo Woo.
Let us celebrate this sunny day
and let me tell you I love you!!

By Aad Windig / Marit Kout, 2016

LIMITED EDITION of 150 copies size: 60x40cm € 450,-
High end museum quality photo on aluminium dibond base and secured under acrylic glass.

LIMITED EDITION of 100 copies size: 120x80cm € 950,-
LIMITED EDITION of 25 copies size: 180x120cm € 1.950,-
Send us an email for the larger editions, custom sizes and your choice of material.