Beauties on the beach, 1953
18 December 2016
A day in Paris, 1955
12 May 2018

Cote d’Azur, 1915

From the south of France comes this great lot early celluloid negatives.
Showing us a lovely day at a Rivièra beach around 1910-1920. The whole family in wet, typical period, bathing suits. Enjoying this beautiful hot summer day. All your loved ones in the sea and on the beach. Smiling and laughing. Papa with a camera, a modern one with film instead of glass as a substrate for the negatives.

And now 100 years later.
These lovely girls and boys have lived their lives with weddings and births and burials.
These lovely girls and boys are all forgotten already, no one knows.
But the negatives of this beautiful day survived it all. Found somewhere in a box, on a dusty attic.

And now they travelled 1000kms to come to us. So we can have a look back in time. We still don't know but we honour them. Just because of this great small story in pictures.

If you are in any way interested in one or more of these images, just contact us.