The Lincoln Futura negatives, 1955
12 May 2016
Cote d’Azur, 1915
12 May 2018

Beauties on the beach, 1953

We happened to bump into this great collection of professional colour negatives. Found in the attic somewhere in the north of Germany.
Taken by a fashion photographer somewhere on a beach. Probably the Island of Sylt, close to where they are found.

The negatives, shot on ADOX film, are in a great condition and date back to the early fifties. Absolutely stunning and very good preserved colours on the ADOX film. The German firm produces photography films since 1860. This makes it the oldest brand for photochemical products in the world.
The photo envelops preserved the negatives very good and mention 1953, ADOX however brought their first colour negative film to the market in 1956. So that brings the date of the photos to the summer of 1956. But maybe there was some kind of a testing time before they brought it to the market. Who knows. Professional photographers are mostly very accurat about dating their negatives.

Whatever it maybe, we will probably never know.
But we are left with some really cool summer beach shots with beautiful happy models.